The Surus King Naga

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The Surus King Naga

Post by Naga on Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:56 pm

Name: King Naga Sordone

Gender: Male

Age: 230

Appearance(links to pictures are optional):

Since the appearances of every Surus varies, Naga appears as yet nother unique being in the galaxy. Being one of the tllest Surus-able to stand up to 8 feet-he takes the appearance of an insect. He has long, thin dark-blue legs with the tips as spikes (allowing Surus to use them as spears), along with an even thinner curved body of the same colour. With no mout, King Naga has holes on the back of his spine, which he projects his thoughts through, allowing people to hear him. This a special trait unique to him.

Personality: Naga is very dominative, often becoming enraged and lashing out if anyone doubts his commands.
However, aside from his violent personallity, he is said to be one of the most intelligent Surus in the galaxy. He is known to be merciless, and will not hesitate to kill someone.

History:  Naga was of royal blood; his father was king and therefore Naga recieved much better treatement than most Surus. He would often train with his father in swordsmanship, prefering to fight at close range. But, during a training session he "accidently" killed his father. Because of this, he became the new king of the Surus race. Over the past few years, he has lead his race to power, leading them through victory after victory, all for his goal of ensuring the Surus dominate the galaxy.

Race: Surus

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