The 5 Races

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The 5 Races

Post by Naga on Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:06 am

These are the 4 current races in the galaxy. Remember, more races may be added later on.


Humans are a very common race, having built colonies in several planets i the galaxy. Humans came from Earth and stayed therefor several years. But one day, during an expedition to the planet Mars, the humans were attacked by a group of aliens known as the Surus. This attack lead the humans to build more advanced star.ships and head out further into the galaxy and build greater weapons to help fight the Surus, aswell as ny other dangerous races.

Starting Planet: Earth


The surus are a race of insect-like aliens with 4 legs similar to those of ants or spiders and black skin. This race have 1 goal: Complete domination of the entire galaxy. They often resort to violence, and considere themselves superior to other races. However, some of the Surus are more respectful to other races, and a few even consider every race equal!

Starting Planet: Sura


The Tormens are a race of extremley intelligent and religiouse aliens who are short in numbers and very rare in the galaxy. But, instead of relying on numbers, they rely on their incredible skill and ancient power. The Tormens are known for their ability to control a special type of energy which they use to power their machinery, making them much more devastating. Because of their incredible power, you must have at least 150 posts to make a Tormen character.

Starting Planet: Skivak


Cyborgs are humans who have been enhanced by replacing certain body parts with mechanics, either to cure an injury or to increase their skills. Cyborgs are known to be significantly more intelligent than humans, and most Cyborgs have seperated from the regular humans and built their own colonies.

Starting Planet: Raxus Alpha


The Droneks are a race of completley cybernetic beings, created by humans to serve them as weapons until one Dronek rebelled against the humans and began to build more Dronecks to oppose the humans. However, there is one thing that still remains in the Dronecks: The need to kill the Surus. Unlike most races, these robots only want one thing- the extinction of the Surus. The Omega Droneck (Leader of all Dronecks) merged himself with an isolated planet, creating his own cybernetic world and becoming the supercomputer that controls all Dronecks.

Starting Planet: XL-28


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