Missions and their rules

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Missions and their rules

Post by Naga on Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:39 am

Now, by far the most important thing in this site (apart from RPing of course) is the missions. Since the five races are in war, there will e plenty of missions to do, which may range from hunting down beasts, infiltrating an enemy fortress or assasinating a figure of importance. Each and every mission is diffrent from the previous one, but they all offer a certain amount of credits as a reward for completing the said mission.

In order to apply for a mission, you must go to the planet you are currently on, for example Earth's topic, and click "Earths missions". Then, choose a mission and post in the topic which mission you want to do. You will be PMed details about your mission, and will have two days the post, if not the mission automatically fails.

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